The psychological aspects of subscription: An ultimate guide (2022)

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by | Sep 23, 2021

I would like to believe that we make decisions through logical choices. Nothing, however, could be further from the truth. Those who have abnormalities to the portion of the brain that controls emotion have difficulty making decisions. The feeling has a significant role in how we make decisions. This is true even while making online purchases.

Correctly understanding what influences customers purchasing decisions is a great ability. This will highly reflect the overall performance of your subscription model business on the Shopify platform.

In this guide you will learn:

  • Different psychological aspects behind subscription
  • Use psychology to shape your store
  • Set up a Shopify subscription box by considering the psychological aspect
  • Emotionally influence and convert users into buyers
  • Tips to Grow your subscription business by considering the psychological aspect

Different psychological aspects behind subscription

psychological aspects of subscription

Over the last years, the Shopify subscription economy has increased approximately sixfold. Businesses that use this strategy get plenty of benefits, including predictable revenue, reduced churn, inventory forecasting, valuable consumer data, and enhanced average order value.

Customers gravitate to this model for a reason or multiple reasons. Subscriptions, in reality, appeal to fundamental aspects of human psychology, make them interesting, enriching and compelling.


psychological aspects of subscription

One of the most delicate messages is, “Your item is ready for delivery!” Whether it’s a refill of their favorite brand or a box of new snack items to test, everyone gets excited when they receive the delivery.

Customers who subscribe to a favorite product get to experience this pleasurable anticipation regularly. Even if it is from themselves, some people consider subscriptions to be a present!


psychological aspects of subscription

In the subscription model of business, customers always have complete management over their interaction with their required product. They may go to the product page and find that their favourite snack is out of stock or be on a waiting list for a deodorant they like most.

The customers can manage the product’s amount and delivery date. With so much going in the digital world, people value the assurance knowing their demands will be supplied through subscriptions.


psychological aspects of subscription

It’s perhaps the most apparent, but it’s still true. Subscriptions let customers lower their strain. Just think about how much time we waste our time logging online to order items regularly or going to shops to pick them up. Constant restocking comes at a cost, both in terms of time and mental energy.

Customers can “set it and forget it” with subscriptions, knowing that their favorite basics will arrive on their doorstep without them having to do anything more. Customers can also use subscriptions to automate areas of their lives that are not related to tangible items.

Keep a simple approach

psychological aspects of subscription

People always prefer simple steps to complete their subscription. So, try to set up a most uncomplicated way of subscription from beginning to end. There should not be any difficulty in completing the checkout procedure. For that, you should choose an app that sets up the subscription very quickly.

I prefer the “Subscriber subscription” app that provides the easiest accessible subscription setting for the merchants and end-users.

Use psychology to shape your store

Apply psychology to design a successful store. Companies are day by day studying how customers think and respond, and following those studies, they make changes for their store. It is assured a success rate if you first consider your customer’s thoughts and shape your store according to those thoughts.

Great power is accompanied by enormous responsibility. You should understand the psychological techniques you will apply to shape your store; otherwise, you risk annoying users and sending them to the competitors by accident.

While psychological approaches like dark patterns can be practical, they often drive people away. This leads to buyer’s remorse and negative feedback. In the end, this will cost the company more money in terms of returns, support calls, and unfavorable publicity.

Set up a Shopify subscription box by considering the psychological aspect

psychological aspects of subscription

Every Shopify store and most businesses face one major issue – (MRR) Monthly recurring revenue, which can be assured if you deploy subscription mode by considering the psychological aspect.

Subscription box model business is key to long-term growth and guaranteed income and predictable revenue without the wastage of the stocks, weekly/monthly. One secure, most straightforward way to bring in monthly payment is by selling subscription boxes!

Determine what you want to sell

It’s time to start building your very first Shopify subscription box!

While you may get right in and start putting things together, we recommend having a brainstorming session to see what would work best together.

Pants with a shirt, coffee filters with your coffee grounds, and so on are undoubtedly apparent combinations in your store. So sit down and start scribbling down ideas for items that might work.

Visit the App Store to get our Shopify app.

After that, you’ll need to download our Shopify subscription box app.

psychological aspects of subscription

Tips to Grow your subscription business by considering the psychological aspect

The initial step is to set up your subscription box effectively. Here are three suggestions to help you sell more and boost your MRR.

  • Make subscribing a no-brainer for you and your customers

This may appear straightforward, but to sell more, you must make your offer appealing! Set Subscriptions that should be discounted. Give away a no-strings-attached bonus. This might be in the form of free shipping, more accessories, or both.

  • Make your consumers’ subscription box experience one to always remember.

The subscription box experience includes unboxing. The more happy emotions you can elicit in your customers when they receive and open your package, the longer they will remain and the more you will sell.

Final thoughts

Subscriptions transform items into absolute presence paths, create fun anticipation, bring in the community, and reduce mental stress. Psychology holds a lot of reality, and it appears that subscriptions are here to stay.

Go and get the app “Subscriber” and experience the best subscription and provide the exact best for your customers.

Have a good luck!


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