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Welcome to the Subscriber App! We have detailed the steps to follow to help you with setting up and using Subscriptions, in case you have difficulty in understanding the Get Started section in the app.

Once you install the app to your shopify store, the app will make changes to your admin portal and your online store. In the admin portal, you can view your business summaries and also create subscription plans for business. To know more about the features of the admin portal, please read our Getting started guide.

The theme set up section enables you to make the changes to your online store so that your customers can view the subscription plans you have created. The changes can be added automatically by clicking the install button in the section, or you can add it manually. The theme changes are reflected in the product page and accounts page of the user. Please follow the product page theme change and account page theme change tutorials to make the changes manually.

Once done, your store is all set to start the Subscription business!

In case you need any help, please contact us at hello@thesubscriber.app, we are happy to help you!

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