Adding hassle free subscription to your online business

In eCommerce, customer retention is as important as customer acquisition. You can install the Subscriber app on your store and stop worrying about the customer retention part. We will do it for you. Subscriber app has all the features needed for running a subscription business on your store.

Why Subscription?

The subscription business model charges your customer a recurring fee for the product or service you provide them. Unlike one-time purchases, this business brings a long-term bond with your customer. Starting a subscription business requires a lot of homework, determining our goals, planning the growth and analysing customer requirements, and adding proper subscription services.

Reduce churn & increase LTV

As churn decreases, subscription lengths grow, and LTV increases. When you extend the LTV of your customers, you boost your entire revenue. With reduced churn and increased LTV, you’ll start to see greater cash flow in your business. 

Not affected by Market Ebbs and Flows

The subscription model ensures a steady source of revenue in the future. In moments of crisis and financial swings, this recurrent revenue might keep your business viable. It also aids in the continuity of your business operations. In short, you know the future – the revenue you are definitely going to earn, the stock and supplies you will need, etc., which helps you plan better and reduce waste.

Reduce Customer Retention Budget

Customer retention is easier with subscriptions than old model business. You don’t have to always spend on your marketing for them as they are guaranteed customers. They are also more inclined to upgrade to value added services once the subscription payment has become a part of their planned monthly or yearly budget.

Why Subscriber?

More Customers with Subscriber

Attract customers with various discounts and product combinations for your subscriptions. You can add different types of billing for any number of deliveries, thus making sure your revenue is not compromised, and your customer feels the price is worthwhile.

Analyse your business with Subscriber

The Subscriber provides you with a simple dashboard to analyse your subscription business so you can plan and prepare in advance. You can also provide seasonal subscriptions and unpublish them until the following season. With the data and reports available, you can predict the future and start your marketing today itself!

Subscriber Helps you build Stronger Customer Bonds

The personalized emails build the bonds between the merchant and the customer. Since customers can cancel, pause, and restart the subscription any time using the customer portal, they feel they are in control, which helps build trust. Furthermore, with an automated billing process, customers don’t have to go through the hectic task of ordering!



Happy Customers


Our Features

Quickly enable subscriptions

Subscriber was created with the goal of allowing your store to sell subscription products with just a few clicks. In a matter of minutes, you’ll be able to start selling subscriptions. There is no need for extensive modification or professional assistance.

Completely NO CODE

There is no need for complex work that would necessitate the services of a designer or engineer. Subscriptions can be created with “no code” using Subscriber. The Subscriber widget supports all free themes and most paid themes. If you have a special theme that is not supported, don’t worry! We provide support, free of any additional cost.

Ease Of Use

The plans you created are instantly visible in your online store. You can un-publish them if you feel it is not the right time for the plan and re-publish them again. Customers can view your plans with the user-friendly widget we have provided. You can also create subscriptions on behalf of your customer.

Different Billing Options

Subscriber provides options to bill customers for every delivery or pre-paid plans where customers are billed for a few deliveries. Merchants can control the billing attempts by adding the minimum number of payments and maximum number of payments for each plan.

Seamless customer experience

Customers don’t have to go through the hassles of order submission and payment each time they want to purchase the same product. Every step is automated to increase the sales for merchants. Customers have the option to pause and cancel the subscriptions, which builds their trust in you.

Customisable Notification Settings

Merchants can bill once for many Get notified on major customer events like subscription creation, cancellation etc. You can customise your notifications from the Settings tab, by disabling or enabling notifications.

Add Susbcriber to your Store

Install the app with a single click and start creating subscription plans for your products. Know your business more with the reports we have provided and get all your subscription customers in one place. The automated billing process makes it easy for customers as they don’t have to go through the hectic task of submitting an order. Get notified when an event occurs, be it a new subscription being added or a billing failure.

What Are You Waiting For?

Install Subscriber and prepare for exponential growth!

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