The benefits of recurring payments: essential points for Shopify store owners

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by | Nov 15, 2021

The subscription business model is more common than ever, from periodicals and utilities to software and digital services. The subscription model’s appeal stems from the consistent cash flow and other benefits of recurrent payments.

Because they benefit both businesses and customers, recurring payments are gaining steam worldwide. On the one hand, business owners receive their payments on time and cut down on administrative costs associated with payment delays.

On the other hand, customers don’t need to open and act on their invoices every billing cycle. Once a recurring payment system is set in place, the funds will be automatically debited from the customers’ accounts on time, saving them from possible late payment penalties. Once a recurring payment system is in place, funds will be debited from customers’ accounts regularly, saving them from late payment consequences.

However, the recurring payment mechanism involves more than just automation. This tutorial will explain how regular payments work and how they can help your company.

What did Recurring payment mean?

Customers permit the merchant to regularly withdraw payments from their accounts at regular intervals for products and services delivered to them on an ongoing basis in a recurring payment model.

The amount will be deducted at predetermined intervals until the consumer retracts their authorization or the subscription ends.

There are two types of recurring payments:

  • Payments made on a regular or set basis: Customers are charged the same amount every time with fixed or recurring payments. Regular recurring payments include gym memberships and magazine subscriptions, for instance.
  • Payments that fluctuate or are irregular: The amount charged is susceptible to alter depending on the customers’ product usage or service with variable or periodic recurring payments. Electric and other utility expenses, for example, fluctuate month to month depending on use.

Why is recurring billing so popular?

Consumers are shifting from ownership-focused transactions to outcome-focused purchases, according to Jason Andrew, Cofounder of Smart Books Online. In other words, consumers no longer want the responsibility of ownership; instead, they want immediate and flexible results.

Subscription services are also not a new concept. “There’s a reason the highest structure in every city is an insurance building,” points out. In contrast, not the same as subscription services as we know them today, the insurance and utility industries have been using recurring billing for years with great success.

Recurring Billing Has Its Advantages

Enhance customer relations

Customers appreciate recurring payments since they only have to submit their billing information once. Regular payments pick up where they left off and deduct funds from their bank accounts on the due dates. Customers do not need to create any payment reminders or submit their payment information every billing cycle. Recurring payments, when done correctly, can foster a sense of goodwill between the firm and its customers, resulting in a strong customer relationship.

Predictable revenue

Because recurring billing runs like clockwork and ensures that you’ll get paid, estimating your revenue is a breeze because you know exactly what you’ll get within a given period, you can also use this data to anticipate future earnings and growth. In a nutshell, recurring billing helps you manage your cash flow and plan for the future.

Reduces the number of late or missed payments

Recurring billing helps reduce late payments for both customers and retailers.

For merchants, this is beneficial, not just to your cash flow. Still, it also saves you time and money by eliminating the need to chase down late payments or remember to send out a bill, allowing you to focus on tasks that will help you develop or improve your business.

Customers no longer have to remember due dates or worry about paying costly late penalties as a result of late payments.

Reduce the effort that has to be done

The expense and time associated with human invoicing and payment processing are reduced with automated recurring payments. You have to set up the initial payment plan once, and the program will take care of the rest. Only when adjustments to the payment method or amount charged are required will you be required to participate.

Maintains the security of payment information

You can securely manage your customers’ information with recurring billing, reduce duplication and circulation of sensitive data and eliminate various sorts of employee errors.

Choose the best Shopify Subscription App or Extension

Customer retention is just as crucial as customer acquisition in e-Commerce. Install the Subscriber app on your store and you won’t have to worry about customer retention. The Subscriber app includes all of the functionality you’ll need to establish a subscription model on your store.

benefits of recurring payments

The Shopify Subscriber App was recently introduced and offered a great way to accept recurring payments with Shopify. You can handle payment and shipment periods in months/weeks/days to charge and transfer goods to customers.

You may easily sell your subscription by downloading the “Subscriber” app. It’s also a great tool for creating subscription plans for your products.

Wrapping up

It’s critical to locate an app that can help you automate your brand’s recurring billing so you can realise the benefits of having predictable revenue. You may think of this app as a regular payment system that allows you to create a seamless checkout procedure for your members without reinventing the wheel. So, how do you be paid regularly for the items and services you provide?

Using a subscription payments solution like “Subscriber” removes the majority of the complexity from setting up a subscription-focused checkout, allowing you to focus on creating strong relationships with your members. These ideas are intended to make the complicated in a recurring payment model easier to understand.


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