7 Tactics for the food items subscription model business on Shopify

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by | Nov 5, 2021

Subscription boxes have grown in popularity since their beginning. More than half of respondents in a recent survey said they use at least one subscription box. That’s a significant number of potential clients!

Food and beverage subscription boxes are the most popular, accounting for about a quarter of all subscription boxes.

Because of this demand, a food items subscription box is both a competitive and profitable business. So here are some tactics that you can apply for your food items-based subscription model business on Shopify.

Let’s have a look!

Why should you concentrate more on your food item subscription model business?

If you’re considering joining this crowded field, you must make your food item subscription box stand out. But, unfortunately, this world is too competitive, and you should be aware of some tactics to help you achieve the top position.

A wide variety of food items subscriptions are available on Shopify. Since the category is food, the customers always required their favourite brand snacks or groceries every month or week.

Competitors always use unique tactics to approach their potential customers to sell their subscriptions. So, it would help if you also had some variety of practicable tactics to come up with your competitors.

You should read it if you’re a savvy marketer or a business owner seeking innovative approaches to improve your outcomes.

Competitors always use unique tactics to approach their potential customers to sell their subscriptions. Then why don’t you use the same?

Here are the food items subscription tactics for you

Are you wondering if this information will benefit individuals who work in the food items subscription box sector? Certainly not! Its techniques may be adjusted to match any business, and they will work for yours as well!

food subscription on Shopify

1.Make a Photo Curative Collection

Do you know one fact? An image can express ten times than a sentence. So always try to bring curative photos for your food items subscription. The customers should get a clear picture of your product through curation. In addition, they should have a wow feel while receiving their subscription box.

So curation is what consumers are looking for when they order a food subscription box. They want to open a box that not only contains things explicitly chosen for them but is also well-designed and packaged.

Your product marketing photos evoke a sense of curation. Readers will notice that your box is a gorgeous, polished product if you arrange the images in a visually beautiful manner. Depending on how the light hits the food and packaging, they appear to be different. Experiment with several angles to determine which one works best for each product.

2.Tell About You

With so many subscription boxes on the market, you need to stand out by highlighting what sets you apart. Taste and quality are essential to those who purchase food and drink containers. Tell potential customers about your product selection philosophy, so they know they’re getting just the best.

Share your company’s history and attitude to food and drink on your website and social media. What distinguishes your package from others? Why did you decide to create a meal subscription service in the first place? This information demonstrates who you are as a business and why customers should subscribe to your box.

This might be accomplished by clearly defining your purpose statement on your website, perhaps in a -About Us section. Then, customers will immediately recognize what your firm stands for and what sets you apart from the competition when they visit your website.

Customers are wise, and they can sense when you aren’t genuine, so don’t change your tale to appeal to them. But, on the other hand, if you keep true to yourself, people will trust you more.

3.Make a Program for Referrals

food subscription on Shopify

Online buyers are naturally suspicious of purchasing food or beverages they haven’t tried before. However, social proof indicates that potential customers are significantly more likely to sign up if a friend or family member recommends something.

Use a referral scheme to attract these clients. You give current clients a monetary incentive to convince their friends and relatives to subscribe to your box as well. For example, if existing customers suggest a friend, you may give them a discount, a free package, or some other incentive. Please give them a unique referral code to use to track and verify the value.

Include a discount for new customers as part of the package. As a result, the program will benefit both the present client and the individual they’re referring to.

4.Showcase real social proof

You can apply the tactic of social proof. For example, if you received your customer’s reviews with photos or videos, you could showcase all those on a social media platform. Thus you can attract more customers and also able to retain existing customers.

Food item subscription boxes obviously need social proof building. Because if a customer wants to try a new brand of coffee or a unique snack, they will go for a third-party suggestion. So, in such situations, your subscription box’s social proof can help a lot to get those customers.

Social proof plays a major role in such a way that the people always have the temptation to imitate others, so this tactic definitely helps you to get more subscribers for your food item subscription box.

5.Make use of brand ambassadors.

Customers can’t try the food in your subscription box before they buy it because they can only see it on their screen. Build their trust with brand ambassadors to persuade them to try a new food they’ve never eaten before.

Promoting your product with celebrities or influencers increases consumer trust in your business.

When potential customers see people they admire using your product, it inspires them to try your food subscription box. This is another social proof phenomenon.

If you don’t have any celebrity or influencer connections yet, you can start with Facebook’s Brand Collab’s Manager.

6.Techniques videos of cooking or baking should be shared.

In this pandemic period, due to the lockdown situations, most of the people engaged in lots of activities especially cooking. So, if you provide a food item that should be cooked, then you can also provide its recipes and cooking techniques to make the audience more engaged with your product.

food subscription on Shopify

If once they liked your tutorials and got a success dish by viewing your video, they will definitely subscribe your product again and again.

Make educational (and entertaining!) cookery videos related to your product available on your social media channels. You establish trust with your audience by sharing techniques. They’re interested in food and drink enough to purchase a subscription box from you, therefore they’ll likely value your cooking knowledge.

7.Include ‘Unboxing’ Videos

Using unboxing videos on your social media channels, give consumers a taste of what they’ll get with your food subscription box. Shoppers will most certainly be interested in seeing what’s inside the next box after viewing what’s inside the previous one.

Running a contest is one approach to encourage customers to share these videos. Request that customers post videos of themselves opening their most recent box, tagging your company or using a specific hashtag. Then pick a winner who will be featured on your channel and receive a prize or discount, such as 20% off their next box or an additional item.

Set up a branded hashtag for shoppers to use when they upload user-generated material about your business, even if you’re not conducting a contest.

Preferred Shopify Subscription App for you

If you want to update your business to include a food item subscription service in addition to selling individual products, here are some suggestions for you. You can choose the best according to your store requirement.

Final thoughts

Because food subscription boxes are the most popular, it’s critical to utilise creative marketing to set your food subscription box different.

Show potential clients what makes your box unique in order to persuade them to try your product.

Good luck!



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