Which are the best recurring payment apps on Shopify in 2021?

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by | Sep 9, 2021

Shopify is one of the best e-commerce platforms that always provide support for many types of stores. But, the basic Shopify options may not provide the features that your store required to manage or sell your products efficiently.

Here is where the Shopify apps plays the major role. In such situations, you should go for the support of an app. If you want to sell products on a subscription basis, you must require a recurring billing facility.

Shopify didn’t provide the recurring billing facility. So to get such support, there were several apps available that giving the recurring billing facility. In this guide, you will get the clear cut idea about apps that provides recurring billing facility.

Recurring payment

Best recurring payment apps :

  • Subscriber
  • PayPal Recurring Payments
  • Bold Subscriptions
  • ChargeBee
  • Paywhirl
  • Chargify
  • ReCharge

Subscriber subscriptions recurring payment app

The Shopify Subscriber App was just released and provided an excellent option for processing recurring payments with Shopify. You can process payment and shipping periods in terms of months/weeks/ days to charge and send goods to customers.

By downloading the “Subscriber” app, you can sell your subscription hassle-free. In addition, it is a very helpful app to create subscription plans for your products.

recurring payment


✅ Affordable Plans For Every Business.

✅Let customers know what they are subscribing for directly on the cart page.

✅See your plans listed and easily edit your plans at any time.

✅Be able to let customers pay for multiple future deliveries in advance.

✅Keep customers loyal to your brand.


❌ An analytical tool is not inbuilt in the app.

PayPal Recurring Payments

PayPal continues to be one of the most widely used payment gateways in Northern America and Europe for accepting online client payments. It’s no surprise, then, that PayPal is a popular choice for processing recurring customer payments.

PayPal says that PayPal Checkout improves checkout conversion rates by up to 82 per cent for its merchants. In addition, PayPal’s reporting is rather good; you can get fairly detailed data on your subscription activities.


recurring payment



✅You only pay a 2.9 percent transaction fee and USD 0.30 for every recurring bill processed (quote based on US transactions)

✅It’s simple to get started with PayPal.

✅You can provide free or discounted trial periods to your customers.

✅Customers can upgrade, stop, or cancel their memberships with you with ease.

✅If a transaction fails, PayPal will attempt to confiscate funds from your customer’s account.


❌PayPal’s policies are quite severe.

❌Customer service at PayPal is notoriously bad.

❌Some merchants complain that PayPal favours customers over merchants when it comes to chargebacks and disputes.

Bold Subscriptions recurring payment app

Bold Subscriptions is a Shopify Plus-certified app. It makes creating and managing subscription items very simple.

Over 14,000 Shopify businesses use it, and it allows merchants to provide clients with “build-a-box” services, monthly clubs and memberships, eCommerce and service subscriptions, and more.

recurring payment


✅With all of its pricing categories, Bold Subscriptions offers a generous 60-day free trial.

✅The Bold Subscriptions app is really simple to set up and use.

✅There are numerous native integrations available.

✅This software enables you to charge consumers a one-time fee before they begin their subscription.

✅Bold Subscriptions is known for its extensive customization capabilities.


❌Due to an issue in the app, their clients were charged multiple times.

❌Bold Subscriptions does not have a function for abandoned carts.

❌When they tried to uninstall the programme, it didn’t go away completely.

❌On their recurring payment checkout, Bold Subscriptions does not accept certain payment methods.

ChargeBee recurring payment App

Chargebee’s recurring billing technology is specifically built for SaaS and subscription-based product and service providers. It works smoothly with leading payment gateways, allowing you to automate money collection and invoice generation for customers all over the world.

recurring payment


✅ Its Zapier integration makes connecting to other programmes simple.

✅Customers can be reminded to update their payment details via automated emails.

✅It has an awesome adaptable coupon tool.

✅It has a very easy-to-use UI.

✅Customer service at Chargebee is exceptional.


❌Chargebee took a few days to respond to their request to downgrade to a lower plan.

❌Its dashboard cannot be customised.

❌In this Shopify recurring payments round-up, it’s one of the most expensive options.

Paywhirl recurring payment app

With Shopify, the Paywhirl app adds another way to accept recurring payments. You have the option of accepting one-time or regular payments, as well as billing in weeks, months, or years.

Subscription trials, promo codes, and upsells are all options. In addition the stripe will process all recurring payments made through Shopify when using Paywhirl.

recurring payment


✅Paywhirl will build your Paywhirl subscription products in your Shopify admin immediately.

✅Create customers and orders for your Subscription payments quickly and easily.

✅Allows you to manage your recurring orders in the same way that you would any other Shopify order, making fulfilment in your store a breeze.


❌ The software does what it’s supposed to do. However, it leaves a lot of code in your shop when you uninstall it. That didn’t make us happy in the least.

❌There should be a free plan available when it says Free Plan Available. Then, for another 14 days, you can enjoy all of the features for free. You can test subscriptions for as long as you like after that, but you’ll need to purchase a plan to process live payments.

Chargify recurring payment App

Whatever the billing method you’re using, Chargify can easily manage it. With regular subscription payments to complex usage and events based models, Chargify’s got you covered. Chargify also is proud of its subscription management functionalities.

recurring payment


✅Chargify’s API is quite easy to use.

✅Its payment procedure is very easy to manage.

✅Its whole system is excellent and automatically handles your customer’s missed out billings.

✅It will work properly to make adjustments to a customer’s bill.

✅Its customer service and support are outstanding.


❌Some of the SaaS analytical tools had recently stopped their collaboration with Chargify recurring payment app.

❌Most of the users are not much satisfied with the prize.

❌In some moments, its mails get ends up in the spam folders.

ReCharge recurring payment app

Using ReCharge, you can manage and fulfil the orders just like all other orders in your store. They will also be connected to your other integrations through Shopify so that your fulfilment process is quite easy.

Since the billing is through ReCharge, you have to process recurring payments via Stripe (an awesome payment processing company). Still, regular items should only be processed through your usual Shopify processor.

recurring payment


✅Subscription offers can be enabled quickly.

✅This app will increase customer engagement and lifetime value.

✅Customer turnover can be reduced, and brand loyalty can be increased.

✅ReCharge will help you to measure and improve your company’s performance.


❌Some missing of clear management of subscribers.

❌It isn’t easy to manage your customers, like offering benefits to subscribers or adding a tag.


Wrap up

I hope you had gone through the best Shopify recurring payment apps, and you now have a better idea of what you will choose out of these seven and which of these apps would help your Shopify business.

Did you have a final decision, or have you used any of these recurring payment apps before? If so, let me know your suggestions and comments.


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